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About Us

ERL will become the most sought after and respected property listing group by Real Estate Companies in South Africa.


  • State of the Art electronic Webb based listing system tried and tested over 14 years.
  • Assistance with compliance according to EAAB requirements.
  • Stock available when the economy is good or bad.
  • PDE training at reasonable rates.
  • Inhouse sectional title courses at reasonable rates.
  • In house induction courses.
  • Legal updates monthly.
  • Marketing trends updated.
  • NEDBANK as our preferential Bond Partner
  • Compitent and accredited legal associates.
  • Assistance with CDP training and e- learning platforms.
  • Accredited training through Chartall Academy in Real Estate Nqf4 and Nqf5 qualification levels.
  • Assistance with portfolio and EAAB log book training.
  • Non verifiable point accredited training.
  • Training in FICA compliance issues.
  • Intermediatory between EAAB and your company.
  • Good network reach to agent level.
  • Arbitration to resolve disputes between agencies.
  • Monthly meetings.
  • Motivation platform for agents.
  • Monitor non compliance.
  • Platform to take action against agents not complying to the code of conduct.
  • Quick sale of properties supported by many agents and agencies.
  • Marketing tool for agents. and platform for customers to view.
  • Security at show houses an openhours.
  • PDE training and support.

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Mission Statement

Mission Of ERL

To create a transparent, non invasive property listing group, with sufficient added services to ensure that we support our members in a holistic manner to improve personal skills, enabling members to market their areas competitively with a seamless operational approach to listing and selling of properties.
This will be achieved by:

  • Technology driven systems and platform integration and readiness for changing needs.
  • Marketing of the ERL brand and services to the public and real estate environment.
  • Preferred supplier agreements and associate support needs to be supported.
  • We will be ethical and abide by the respective codes of conduct and ensure that our members comply with them.
  • We are non invasive on matters of member company’s company decisions with regards to their operations.
  • We promote a teamwork approach at all times within the framework of compliance to regulations and statutory obligations.
  • Our members are important and their interaction with the public to ensure a pleasurable selling and buying experience is achieved, is supported.
  • Our social up-liftmen program for previously disadvantaged groups is encouraged, therefore supports our BEE compliance initiative